Aiza Seguerra to fellow Duterte supporters: Let us not be blind followers

  • Singer-actress Aiza Seguerra urges fellow Duterte supporters to not become blind followers
  • She encourages everyone to be responsible in defending and protecting the president-elect Duterte
  • She adds her fellow supporters should not be contented in reading just headlines and relying on memes circulating on social media

MANILA- “Let us not be blind followers” were few of the words written by singer-actress Aiza Seguerra on her Instagram addressing her fellow president-elect Rodrigo Duterte followers.

In a long note, Seguerra urged other supporters to keep their calm and respect opposing views amid issues being thrown at Duterte. Recently, the incoming president was strongly criticized for catcalling a journalist which resulted to his cold relations with the media especially those who are based in Manila, said an article published in Inquirer.

As a Duterte supporter, I would encourage na sana wag naman tayo maging blind followers. It will help our president kung hindi tayo one sided at marunong magbigay ng respeto sa opinion ng iba instead of fanning the flames of hatred towards people who don’t share the same point of view or opinion,” Seguerra wrote. [As a Duterte supporter, I would encourage that we do not become blind followers. It will help our president if we are not one sided and know how to respect others’ opinions instead of fanning the flames of hatred towards people who don’t share the same point of view or opinion.]

She went on to say there is no problem if fellow supporters defend Digong. But they must be responsible because they carry Duterte’s name. She urged them to read the whole article, not just headlines and not rely merely on memes circulating on the internet. Seguerra called on supporters to stop accusing the media of being biased and attacking others who have opposing opinion.

“Nagrereklamo tayo na biased ang media? Eh kayo? Kaya niyo bang hindi maging biased? Yung iba nga sa inyo, ang tindi niyong mangutya agad agad dahil lang hindi ninyo nagustuhan ang sinabi… yan ba yung pinagmamalaki ninyong pagbabago?” she went on. [We complain that the media is biased? How about you? Can you be fair? Some of you immensely criticize others just because you did not like what they have said… is that the change you brag about?]

She added there is always a way of protecting and defending their president without attacking and disrespecting others.

“We cannot be blind followers who will attack everyone who has opposing opinions with us,” she wrote.

Seguerra explained that it is impossible to have the same opinion on certain matters and that there will be no peace if everyone would continue to fight, disrespect and do away over contradicting opinions. “We all want our country to succeed. It we want CHANGE; WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER,” she said.