Amid the Orlando shooting: Donaire recalls Pacquiao words, says celebrities must tread what they say carefully

  • Boxer aired thoughts on mass shooting in Orlando LGBT nightclub
  • He recalled Pacquiao’s words, said influential people should be careful with what they say
  • He also defended himself, said he was in no way blaming Pacquiao for what happened
  • He said he merely wanted to demonstrate how powerful words can be

MANILA, Philippines – Amid the mass shooting in an Orlando gay nightclub which has claimed the lives of at least 50 people, boxer Nonito Donaire wrote how he could not help but recall his reaction to Manny Pacquiao quoting a biblical verse which called for gays to be put to death.

On his Facebook, Donaire recalled how he was told he shouldn’t worry about Pacquiao’s statement since no one would actually take them seriously.

“It’s scary that months ago I posted that I pray that Pacquiao’s post quoting the Bible about “putting gays to death” Leviticus 20:13 into literal action. Many said my (sentiments) were not a necessary worry because NO ONE WOULD ACTUALLY kill gays,” he wrote.

With his post also containing a video of an Islamic cleric calling for gays to be put to death, Donaire said celebrities, actors, and other influential people should be careful with what they say because their words are powerful and could convince others to act on their beliefs.

This is why influential people ie teachers, community leaders, celebrities and athletes alike, must be cautious in the messages they put out,” he said.

In his other posts, Donaire also defended himself from criticism with regards to his mentioning of Pacquiao’s name. He said he was not blaming Pacquiao for what happened, but only wanted to demonstrate the power of words.

“You’d think if I wrote a paragraph with the words REFERENCE and NOT BLAMING in the first paragraph people would get my point,” he wrote.

Donaire added that in these trying times, people should spread more love and not hatred.

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