Analyst says changes in attitude should come from both the public and Duterte himself

  • A political analyst noted that changes should come from both the public and President-elect Duterte himself
  • He also said the public can expect that Duterte would make adjustments once he officially becomes President
  • Duterte earlier promised to tone down on his cursing and address the public in a more “polite” manner

A political analyst said that both the public and President-elect Rodrigo Duterte himself must make changes in attitude in order to implement the necessary changes for the country as a whole.

Political science professor Edmund Tayao noted that Duterte’s statements even before taking his official oath of office has already trickled down to different levels of government, including barangays, as indicated by the intensified operations to implement curfews and other local ordinances.

However, Tayao also warned that such changes should not be “one-sided” and must also include Duterte himself.

May mga pagbabagong nakikita sa mga tao, may mga adjustments dahil na rin siguro sa nakikita nilang napapanahong pagbabago. Ganoon pa man, hindi pwedeng isang sektor lang o isang side lang iyung mag-adjust. [There are changes that people can see, and there are adjustments because of what they see are timely changes. Just the same, it shouldn’t be that only one sector or one side that should adjust],” he explained to ABS-CBN News.

Tayao said he is confident that Duterte would be able to refine his tough-talking speeches, which he may have been used to as mayor for two decades of Davao City but may not be appropriate in his new role as President.

Aminado naman si President-elect Duterte na nasanay siya sa Davao. Sabi nga niya, siya ay probinsyano at kumbaga sinasabi nga niyang nag-aadjust pa siya sa trabaho niya. Siguro isang rason din ito kung bakit may mga pronouncement siya na nagre-reflect kung ano iyung kinasanayan niya. Pero dahil nga sa ganoong estilo siya nasanay, hindi naman siguro mahirap hingin o asahan na may kaunting adjustment mula sa kanya. [President-elect Duterte admits that he is used to Davao. He said that he is from the province and in a way, he says that he is still adjusting to the job. Probably one reason why there is such pronouncement is because it reflects what he is used to. But because he is used to such style, it probably won’t be difficult to ask or expect that there would be some adjustment from him],” he said.

The president-elect himself promises that he will undergo a “metamorphosis” and tone down on his rhetoric once he takes his oath of office on June 30.

“It will be a metamorphosis. Ladies and gentlemen of the media who are here, you know, when I get to be President, I have to tone down my own cursing. That would be the past, it’s going to be history. I have to concentrate more on what happens to this country and to develop it and make it progress along the way. And there’s a lot of things which I have to do, to complete. And when I come back, I will address you in a very polite manner,” Duterte have reportedly said as per an article by the Manila Times.