Artist paints portrait of Duterte using sunlight

  • Duterte has a new painting crafted through sunlight
  • Benguet-based artist Jordan Mang-osan created a portrait of the new president using the technique called solar pyrography
  • The art form burns a wood canvass through a ray of light that passes through a magnifying glass

The newly-inaugurated President Rodrigo Duterte has a new portrait fit to be placed in his office or home. And no, it is not made of paint or oil.

Benguet-based artist Jordan Mang-osan “painted” a solar masterpiece for the country’s new president, which depicted four different images of Duterte with the Malacañang logo as his backdrop

Mang-osan, a celebrated artist in the Cordillera region, is known for employing the technic called solar pyrography, which he learned from Santiago Bose of the Baguio Arts Guild.

According to an earlier story by CNN Philippines, solar pyrography is “like painting using a magnifying lens as a brush to apply the rays of the sun focused like a laser beam on a piece of wood to produce a monochromatic portrait.”

The rays that passes through the magnifying glass burns the wood canvass; creating the lines and shades to complete the work of art.

Mang-osan has also previously “burned” a portrait of Duterte on a wood; featuring his iconic post. This painting has been bought by a certain businessman from Baguio.

Aside from Duterte, the artist has also etched paintings of other famous personalities such as Senator Manny Pacquiao and Jerrick Sigmaton; fondly called as “Carrot Man”.

Mang-osan started working for the arts when he was just 19 years old. This was also the time when he started with solar drawing, according to his profile posted on Tam-awan’s website.

Tam-awan Village Artists is a group of artistswho preserves the artistic culture of the Cordillerans.

Currently, Mang-osan heads the group and is the president of the Chanum Foundation.