Be Alert: Snatching incident involving taxi rider caught on dash cam

  • A video of a snatching incident taken via dash-camera has gone viral
  • The passenger inside the taxi lost her belongings to a snatcher
  • The public is warned once again regarding ensuring door locks

Their eyes are quick and they move so fast like ninjas. Beware!

In a viral video ‘Lock Them Doors’ shared by Top Gear Philippines recently, a taxi stopped before a traffic light and was then waiting for the green light. A man can be seen as he walks on the road and then goes near the taxi; obviously for a quick look inside the vehicle.

Then like a lightning flash, he opens an unlocked door, grabs the passenger’s bag and scurries away with the loot. The woman passenger then tries to run after the snatcher and soon after the driver of the cab jumps out to also chase the culprit — but their effort were in vain. The robber got away.

The victim’s bag was later found in a garbage can in the nearby barangay. Her cellphone and money amounting to P3,000.00 are gone, and what’s left are the I.D.s of the victim.

Thanks to a motorist’s dashcam, the incident was recorded and served as evidence, as shown in a news report by GMA.

The snatcher has been identified by authorities  as Nelson Maraya a.k.a. Ingkong; the culprit  who victimized the woman passenger on Road 10, Manila on Friday and who, as of posting, remains at large.

However, the victim did not file complaints against the suspect.

According to the police, the last case filed against the suspect was dismissed because the victim did not attend the hearing. Sadly, many of the arrests become futile because victims do not pursue the charges.

Meanwhile, authorities are reminding the riding public to be more cautious and to make sure doors are locked. Moreover, they are requesting victims to report such incidents and to pursue their complaints. Otherwise, these bad elements will just continue to victimize more people.

Lock Them Doors video courtesy of Top Gear PH:

Watch a report by GMA News via 24 Oras below:



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