Bistek unaware Quezon City Guest House was offered to Leni Robredo – Report

  • Vice President- elect Robredo will hold office at the Quezon City Guest House
  • A source claimed Mayor Bautista wasn’t aware when Vice Mayor Belmonte offered the property to Robredo
  • Vice Mayor Belmonte said they got Mayor Bautista’s blessing to lease the property

MANILA, Philippines – Vice President-elect Maria Leonor ‘Leni” Robredo will take her oath of office on June 30 at the Quezon City Guest House, popularly known as Boracay Mansion, which will serve as her office because she finds the Coconut Palace ‘too expensive’. However, according to a source, incumbent Quezon City Mayor Herbert ‘Bistek’ Bautista wasn’t made aware when Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte offered the incoming vice president to hold office at the property.

According to an article written by Erika Sauler for Philippine Daily Inquirer, a city official close to the mayor revealed that Bistek can no longer object since Vice Mayor Belmonte has already made the offer.

“It’s his baby. The mayor was unaware that the vice mayor offered the Executive House to Leni. He could no longer object because he would look like the villain.”

However, this claim was refuted by Vice Mayor Belmonte; emphasizing that they got Bistek’s permission to lease the property.

She said: “We cannot do anything without the blessing and permission of the mayor. It’s really his pet project. The mayor loves this, he oversaw it himself. We really had to make sure that we got his blessing [to lease the property]. All those times he said it’s OK, it would be an honor for the city to host the OVP (Office of the Vice President).

Belmonte said in a previous interview that Vice President-elect Robredo felt at home the moment she stepped inside the Quezon City Guest House.

CNN Philippines quoted her as saying: “Si VP naman pagpasok pa lang niya, feeling at home na siya. Sabi niya parang maganda ‘yung vibes, hindi ostentatious, wala siyang frills, ‘di mo mahahambing sa Coconut Palace. Mas simple siya pero at the same time kagalang-galang siya at appropriate sa stature ng Vice president.”

[As soon as the vice president entered, she felt at home. She said it has good vibes, it’s not ostentatious, it has no frills, and you can’t compare it to the Coconut Palace. It is simpler but at the same time, it’s respectable and appropriate for the stature of a vice president.]