Breaking: Active Shooter report at UCLA Campus; Two males reportedly shot

  • Multiple reports of gunshots received by LAPD
  • Two men reported by LAPD as suffering from gunshot wounds
  • UCLA campus currently on lockdown
  • LAPD issues a press release via Twitter

There has been a report of an active shooter at the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles Police Department has released the following statement around 11:40AM, June 1, 2016 through their Twitter account:

“At approximately 10:00AM this morning Los Angeles police officers responded to multiple calls of shots fired on the UCLA campus. Both LAPD and UCLA police began a search for suspects and victims. The LAPD and UCLA police began a search for suspects and victims. The LAPD has confirmed that two males were located suffering gunshot wounds. The LAPD is continuing a methodical search of the campus and surrounding areas; however, no additional suspects have been seen. Also on scene is the Los Angeles Fire Department. The LAPD is actively engaged in securing the safety of students and surrounding community.

The Los Angeles Police Department reminds you that in dynamic situations, preliminary information is often inaccurate. Please rely on information provided by the Los Angeles Police Department and UCLA officials.”

Authorities say that the shooting incident is located near the Henry Samueli Engineering building, at Boetler Hall. Officials put the campus on lock down as they investigate the incident. Police officers with long guns are seen patrolling the campus of more than 40,000 students.

A CNN report said that elements of the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also were headed to the scene.

“So far we don’t know the nature of the shooting,” CNN senior law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes said.

“If it’s a personal thing between a couple of students, then it will be a local police matter. If by chance it turned into a terrorist situation, then the FBI would have primary justification over that.” the LAPD has issued a citywide tactical alert. This means that officers on duty will be extended.