British ‘Pinoy at heart’ apologizes to Pres. Duterte, congratulates him and pledges support to his leadership

  • Malcolm Conlan, a British man living in the UK and married to a Filipina for  almost two decades pens open letter to newly-sworn Philippine President via his social media account
  • Tagged as “Pinoy by heart” by netizens because he has developed great concern and love for the Filipinos and the country’s culture
  • He apologized to the president over some issues and expressed his support to the new administration

A British national, Malcolm Conlan, who was tagged as “Pinoy by heart” and ‘Defender of the Filipinos’ by netizens because he has developed great concern and love for the Filipinos and the country’s culture, found himself penning another open letter. But this time it is not in defense of the Filipino people from racist remarks or discrimination.

Rather, he comes up with a message and an apology to the 16th President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, through his Facebook account.

He has stressed a number of times in the past that ‘the overwhelming majority of the Filipino people are a hardworking, caring, friendly, happy people who wish no harm to any other people or nation’ and that he believes the world would be lost without the Filipino people.

Hence, it is not surprising to know that Conlan kept track of the campaigns and the recent elections as he considers himself a member of the Filipino community.

His letter goes:

Dear Mr President,

Firstly, I just want to take the time to personally congratulate you on your decisive victory in the recently concluded Philippine Presidential elections and of course inauguration earlier today.

I also want to personally apologize as initially, I was somewhat wary of your campaign and standing for election as a result of what I have heard in the press, as well as social media coverage of your campaign trail and press conferences. I was wrong. You are, I am quite sure now, a strong leader, who will make an excellent President.

I am a British Citizen who happens to be part of a Filipino family. I have been married to a Filipina for nearly twenty years and have raised two British-Filipino children in the UK, always trying to respect and encourage Filipino values and culture.

I have visited the Philippines close to 40 times and have always been active in supporting Filipino culture and of course OFW’s, both here in the UK as well as around the world. You see, I believe the world would be lost without the Filipino people. As you are aware, there are over eleven million Filipino workers worldwide representing the Philippines in a positive light and making personal sacrifices to help their families and loved ones as well as helping the country.

From what I have seen of your initial endeavors, I believe your intentions in your leadership is to help make the Philippines a better place for the people.

Your introduction of a curfew for children alone at night roaming the streets can only be seen in a positive light. Firstly, the children are our future in terms of education. Our children need proper sleep at night, so that they wake up refreshed for school. Also, sadly, I have heard of syndicates using children as a tool to beg; this I hope will now cease under your leadership.

I am also encouraged to see that you want to make the lives of our Overseas Filipino Workers easier by increasing the length of passport validity from 5 to 10 years. This would bring the validity of the Philippine passport in line with the U.K. This will help millions of Filipinos reduce their costs, as well as time, in administration.

When my own family apply for Philippine passports, currently they have had to wait over a period of many weeks due to delays in the process. By increasing the validity to ten years, this delay will not have to be endured so often hopefully.

Finally, when I heard about your targeting of drug lords, I wrongly assumed that this would mean that anyone involved in drugs would face execution. I was wrong. It seems that your policy of ‘shoot to kill’ if they end up in a gun fight with police, had already helped to target a number of drug lords which will help to reduce the amount of drugs on the streets, which I believe can only be a positive move. This in turn will help to make the Philippines a better and safer place to live for our families.

Congratulations once again on your election as President, you have my support and prayers.

I do hope to be able to personally meet with you one day, to be able to shake your hand and thank you for having the interests of the Filipino people at heart.

Mabuhay at maraming salamat po, Sir,

With very best wishes,

Malcolm Conlan


Image capture of Conlan's post on Facebook
Image capture of Conlan’s post on Facebook