Cedric Lee denies bullying Vina Morales and detaining their daughter

  • Vina Morales accused Cedric Lee of detaining their 7-year-old daughter
  • Lee said he didn’t violate any rules and emphasized he did not detain their daughter
  • He said the child enjoyed their father-daughter bonding
  • He also denied that he bullied Morales 

MANILA, Philippines – After Vina Morales  filed a complaint against her ex-boyfriend Cedric Lee for allegedly detaining their daughter Ceana forcibly for nine days last month, the latter broke his silence over the issue and denied Morales’ allegations.

According to a June 8 article written by Arniel Serato for Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), the businessman said that contrary to his former girlfriend’s statement that their 7-year old daughter had been traumatized during the time they’ve spent together last month, Ceana actually enjoyed their father-daughter bonding.

He also sent a statement emphasizing several points why there’s no truth behind Morales’ allegations against him.

His statement read: “The court documents can’t be released publicly due to the sensitivity of the case and to protect the exposure of our child to public scrutiny.

It is also not in my nature to say negative things about the mother of my child to protect my child’s reputation.

I, however, find her statements damaging.

I will state some facts:

1) This custody case/visitation case has been ongoing for 3 years now. I have tried my best to keep this out of public out of respect for the mother of my child and my daughter.

2) There was a signed agreement between us regarding visitation, holidays and spending a few nights with me during summer holidays. This was agreed in 2013.

3) There has been violations the court has recorded regarding times when I wasn’t able to see my daughter. Prior to me spending time with Ceana, the court has noted that Vina owes me 10 days.

4) During the 8 days, I was with Ceana, my lawyers were constantly in touch with her lawyer and family. They knew when I was going to take my daughter home.

5) Ceana was not traumatized while with me and spent time with her siblings and family. We have photos and videos during this time.

6) Ceana was asked to go to court on the 8th day. Ceana is 7 and this is all new to her.”

Lee also denied that he bullied Morales.

“I have never bullied Vina and have gone through the right avenue. I believe my child has a right to have both and her father and mother in her life,” he said.

Morales and Lee separated several years ago even before the birth of their daughter.
In an interview with ANC’s “Headstart” with Karen Davila, Morales revealed that the two of them are not in speaking terms and added that whenever they communicate regarding their daughter, it’s always done through their respective lawyers.