Cedric Lee to file six libel cases against Vina Morales

  • Tension continues to rise between Cedric Lee and Vina Morales
  • Lee said he will be filing six libel cases against Morales
  • His sister, Bernice, will also file a libel case against the singer-actress
  • Lee emphasized that their daughter, Ceana, enjoyed their father-daughter bonding
  • He disclosed that Morales threatened to punish Ceana if she didn’t go home

“I will be filing 6 libel cases against Vina next week for things she has been saying about me publicly that are untrue.”

This is a part of Cedric Lee’s official statement against his ex-girlfriend Vina Morales.

Morales accused Lee of allegedly bullying her and detaining their daughter Ceana forcibly for more than a week last month.

According to an article written by Arnel Serato for Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), Lee said the bullying allegations can easily be debunked by court documents with evidence of screen shots of the singer-actress’ text messages to his lawyer.

“My lawyer has been liaising with Vina for three years now,” he added.

He also clarified that he didn’t use Morales’ former ‘yaya’ to bully her.

He said: “The former yaya is known to be rude and I have experienced this myself, however, I cannot be held accountable for whatever rift our personal staff had. It is true that someone lost money and we assisted in filing a case against the former yaya after further investigation, which we withdrew out of good faith when Vina asked me to.”

Lee also disclosed that his sister, Bernice, will also file a libel case against Morales because the latter accused her of setting up the former yaya.

Regarding Morales’ allegations that their 7-year-old daughter had been traumatized during the time they’ve spent together last month, he has pictures to prove that the child actually enjoyed their father-daughter bonding.

He believes that Ceana was traumatized because Morales threatened to punish her if she didn’t go home.

“I banned Vina’s calls to shield Ceana from Vina’s tantrums as I did not want it to affect our time together,” he said.

Morales and Lee separated several years ago even before the birth of their daughter.

In an interview with ANC’s “Headstart” with Karen Davila, Morales revealed that the two of them are not on speaking terms and added that whenever they communicate regarding their daughter, it’s always done through their respective lawyers.