Celdran launches petition urging “unstable, unfit” Duterte to resign

  • Controversial tour guide and activist Carlos Celdran launched a petition urging President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to resign
  • Celdran said Duterte has proven himself to be “unworthy, unstable, and unfit” to be the next Philippine president
  • The petition has earned more than 1,200 signatures, so far
Image capture of the petition
Image capture of the petition at change.org

MANILA, Philippines – Controversial tour guide and cultural activist Carlos Celdran has initiated a petition urging President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to resign even before the latter assumes the presidency on June 30.

In the petition launched at change.org on Thursday, June 2, Celdran said the outspoken former Davao City mayor should not take the top Malacañang job after supposedly proving himself to be “unworthy, unstable, and unfit to run a nation of 100 million people.”

“In the past weeks you said that erring journalists deserve to die, disrespected women at your press conferences, used homophobic language, appointed a foreign secretary willing to compromise Philippine sovereignty to China, appointed a DPWH secretary who has interests in real estate development, insulted the United Nations, Singapore, Australia, the Pope, and people with disabilities,” the petition read.

Celdran also scored Duterte for admitting his political alliance with losing vice presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr., whom the incoming president said he doesn’t want to hurt by appointing VP-elect Leni Robredo to a Cabinet post.

“Finally, your constant surreal midnight press conferences have shown us all that you are ill-tempered, erratic, perverted, and a proud advocate of human rights violations,” the petition said.

With less than a month before his proclamation as the 16th president of the Republic of the Philippines, controversy continues to hound Duterte after his pronouncements on media killings where he was quoted as saying that corrupt journalists deserved to die.

He was also criticized on social media for catcalling a female reporter from GMA 7 during a press conference.

Celdran added that since Duterte himself earlier announced that he will not die if he weren’t president, he must keep his word and resign now.

“As a man of honor, keep your word. Do not accept the job as President of the Philippines. Please resign. Now,” Celdran wrote.

So far, the petition, which can be viewed HERE, has earned more than 1,200 signatures as of Friday, June 03.

Celdran campaigned for and supported administration bets Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo in the May 9 election. While Roxas lost to Duterte by more than 6 million votes, Robredo won by a slim margin over Marcos amid allegations of fraud.

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  1. F*ck you celdran! Tiniis namin ang abnoy monh presidenteng panot, ngayon tiisin mo naman ang napili naming presidente! Dahil di kami papayag na yang manok mong nandaya na si robredo ang magiging presidente.

  2. This is a challenge to you celdran and d yellowtards. The question: can u campaign for only 6 million signatures put into this petition? If not, you will be dumped by millions of angry dutertards.

  3. ipaimbestigahan kaya natin itong si celdran. mukha pa lang drug pusher na eh. baka isa ito sa pinakamalaking supplier ng drugs sa manila kaya ganyan na lang ang galit at siguro takot nya kay duterte.

  4. I’ll be part of the civil war if the yellow tries to do another EDSA revolution.. we will post and organize protest to all those Duterte community facebook pages with millions of members. one facebook post and we are all going to Fvk the yellow group… let start the civil war 🙂

  5. Hoy, anong continuity yang sinasabi mo, corruption? You are the f*ckin’ delusional…. The Philippines is a first world country by nature, potang ina yang mga oligarchs.

  6. The right place for Mr CELDRAN is MENTAL HOSPITAL…

    Kelangan na naman ng ATTENTION ang UGOK na to.

    Di na kasi napapansin kaya NAGBABALIW-BALIW na naman.


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