China hits back at US, says it does not fear trouble over West PH Sea dispute

  • High-ranking Chinese naval officer shot back at US Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s remarks
  • He scored US for stirring up tensions in West PH Sea, said China is not afraid of trouble
  • He also said China would not recognize the UN tribunal ruling on the dispute

MANILA, Philippines – A high-profile security summit in Singapore ended with tensions flaring as a senior Chinese naval officer blasted US Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s remarks about China building a “Great Wall of Self-Isolation.”

In his speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue, Admiral Sun Jianguo of the Joint Staff Department twitted Carter and denied that China was isolating itself from the international community. He said such a view stemmed from a “Cold War mentality” against his country.

“We were not isolated in the past. We’re not isolated, and we will not be isolated in the future. Actually I am worried some people and countries are still looking at China with a Cold War mentality and prejudice,” Reuters quoted him as saying.

In a veiled reference to the United States, Sun also warned non-claimants to say out and that China doesn’t fear trouble in the West Philippine Sea.

“Any countries not directly concerned are not allowed to sabotage our path of peace for selfish gains,” he said. “We don’t make trouble but we don’t fear trouble.”

“China will not bear the consequences, nor will it allow any infringement on its sovereignty and security interest, or stay indifferent to some countries creating chaos in the South China Sea,” he added.

Sun also reiterated his country’s intent to ignore the impending ruling of the UN tribunal on the dispute. He said the tribunal lacked jurisdiction and ignored China’s “territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests”.

“The tribunal has no jurisdiction over China. Therefore, the arbitration award is not binding on China,” he said.