Download photo-sharing app or say goodbye to your Facebook photos

  • Facebook is going to delete private photo-albums after July 7, 2016
  • Photo-sharing app Moments will be the replacement of the Synced folder feature on Facebook
  • Moments app allows users to organize images and share them directly to the people who are tagged in the photos

In a latest move of the leading social media company Facebook, it will delete a group of photos on your account that you may have forgotten or have not known exists.

Unless you are going to install Moments, a private photo-sharing app made by Facebook, pictures stored in the “Synced” section of your account will be saved.

In an article written by Hope King of CNN, Facebook will delete any photos that were previously in a Synced folder unless users will transfer them to Moments before July 7. This will prompt users to download and use Moments to save their private photo albums or start downloading all the files right now on their desktop if they still want to keep their pictures but refuse to use the photo-sharing app.

In 2012, Facebook introduced an optional photo syncing feature that will allow users to automatically upload phone’s photos to a private album.

However, since Moments was launched in June 2015, Facebook began pulling out the social media feature in order to encourage users to download and use the app. Facebook’s move made the private photo-sharing app the number one application downloaded in the App Store, wrote Sarah Perez on the

Moments app, who has been around for a year now, can scan images to determine familiar faces and locate them with specific friends on Facebook. The application allows users to organize images by dates, events, and share them directly to the people who are tagged, Brian Mastroianni of CBS News wrote in an online article.