Drug users in Agusan del Sur surrender voluntarily in fear of President-elect Rody Duterte

  • Around 200 drug peddlers and users in Rosario, Agusan del Sur turned themselves in to Mayor Jose Cuyos and the police authorities
  • According to  police, this is considered to be the biggest mass surrender in the country
  • It is believed that the ‘Duterte effect’ triggered the surrender as the drug pushers and users fear for their lives
  • The police has launched Oplan Toktok Hangyo (Oplan Katok Kumbinse) where they urge suspected pushers and users to stop dealing with illegal drugs

ROSARIO, Agusan del Sur – President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s vow to suppress drug-use in the country has probably sent a dreadful effect to drug pushers and users in Agusan del Sur as around 200 suspected peddlers and consumers voluntarily surrendered to Mayor Jose Cuyos and the authorities.

According to GMA News Online, Cuyos informed his populace that he will not condone illegal drugs and its use in their vicinity. He warned that if the users refuse to stop doing drugs, then it only means they have chosen death. He said:

Kung hindi kayo huminto niyan kayo na ang nagsabi na mamatay, at bakit? Dahil lumabag kayo sa batas. Gumagamit kayo [ng] droga na kontra yan sa batas hindi dapat na gumamit tayo [niyan] mga kapatid.”

[If you don’t stop, it means you chose death, why? Because you violated the law. You are using drugs which is prohibited by the law. We should never do drugs, brothers and sisters]

PO3 Rosa Dasmariñas, Rosario police spokesperson, said Oplan TokHang or Toktok Hangyo (Oplan Katok Kumbinse), where police officers go from house to house to encourage suspected users and pushers to stop dealing with drugs, is still ongoing.

Those who surrendered filed an affidavit indicating that they will stop pushing and using illegal drugs. Dasmariñas said they will keep monitoring these people to see if they will really comply to their signed affidavit.

“All of them executed an affidavit at the station that they will not anymore get involved in illegal drugs. We will also continue monitoring these suspects who yielded to us if they will really adhere to their commitment affidavit they signed.”

President-elect Duterte has been vocal about curbing illegal drugs and has even urged the public to participate in arresting drug dealers.