Drunk man arrested in Novaliches challenges President Duterte to a gun duel

  • A drunk man challenged incoming president Rodrigo Duterte to a gun duel
  • The unidentified man, who was arrested in Novaliches by barangay officials and QCPD under Oplan Disciplinary Hour in Brgy. Gulod, pointed his gun at his neighbors and fired his unlicensed gun
  • The authorities are still in search of the gun

NOVALICHES, Quezon City – One guy from Novaliches looks like he gathered all of his grit while he was drunk to challenge President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to a gun duel after he was arrested by the Barangay officials and the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) for firing his unlicensed gun and pointing it at his neighbors in Barangay Gulod.

In a video by GMA News‘ 24 Oras, it can be seen  that the unidentified man was taken into custody by police officers under Oplan Disciplinary Hour.

The man, who was obviously intoxicated with alcohol, angrily challenged incoming president Duterte to a one-on-one gun fight and said:

“Duterte mag-draw tayo. P********. Mag-draw tayo. Sige. Bigyan mo ako baril. Walang problema. Bakit ako matatakot? [Duterte, let’s have a draw. Give me a gun. No problem. Why should I get scared?].”

Probably due to his drunkenness, he admitted his fault.

“Ako. nahuli dahil lasing ako, dahil sa kasalanan ko. Nagpaputok ako ng baril. Ito nahuli ako.”

[They arrested me because I’m drunk, because I’m at fault. I fired a gun. Now I’m caught.]”

And when asked where he got his gun, he revealed it was acquired illegally and is not licensed.

“Binili ko! Bakit? Alangan naman..? ‘Di lisensyado ‘yan! Galing yan sa ilegal.”

[I bought it. Why? It’s not licensed. I got that illegally.]

The policemen recovered some bullets and empty bullet shells from a 9mm pistol, but are still searching for the gun.

Just a few days ago, one online user posted on his Twitter account a threat to kill President Duterte after catcalling a GMA-7 reporter but later apologized after he got bashed by the mayor’s supporters.

Watch the news video below by GMA: