Duterte inauguration venue off limits to media outfits

  • Media outfits are not allowed inside Duterte’s inauguration venue
  • Only state-run RTVM will be allowed to cover Duterte’s oath-taking
  • The inauguration venue can only accommodate a limited number of guests due to limited space

Media outfits will not be allowed inside the venue of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s inauguration on June 30 at the Rizal Hall in Malacañang Palace.

Incoming Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said only the state-run Radio-Television Malacañang (RTVM) will be allowed to cover Duterte’s oath-taking due to the venue’s limited space.

“The plan, as of now, is that the RTVM can cover Duterte’s inauguration at Rizal Hall,” Andanar said during an interview with Malacañang reporters.

According to Ruth Abbey Gita of Sun Star, Andanar said the media outfits will just have to rely on the live feed and video to be provided by RTVM and accredited reporters can monitor the proceedings at the nearby New Executive Building, which houses the Press Working Area.

Asked if Duterte is just avoiding the press, Andanar said the decision not to allow media inside the inauguration venue is not because Duterte is avoiding media, but because the venue can only accommodate limited number of guests.

“No, it’s just the space inside the Rizal Hall is limited. There is no space and that the number of guests is just 500. Besides, RTVM is used to limited space so I think it will not have a difficult time [covering on June 30].”

Even incoming Cabinet Secretaries were asked not to bring their families with them because of the limited space at Rizal Hall, Andanar disclosed.

Duterte wants his inauguration very simple. His inaugural speech, prepared by Davao City Administrator Jesus Melchor Quitain, is only five minutes long. Ordinary food would be served. Maruya (banana fritters) and Buko juice will be the only food served at the event, Andanar said.