Duterte spokesperson: Incoming admin believes responsible mining key to economic growth

  • The incoming Duterte administration recognizes the role of “responsible mining” for economic growth
  • Among the proposals being considered is implementing rules similar to Canada and Australia
  • President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has expressed opposition to mining practices that destroy the environment

The incoming administration of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has emphasized the importance of “responsible mining” in contributing to economic growth in the country.

However, incoming presidential spokesperson Ernie Abella emphasized that the Duterte administration maintains its position on stricter standards for the mining industry.

“Responsible mining plays a key role in the Philippines. The key word here is responsible. And our President has made his position very clear: ‘You have to do it right. If you cannot do it right, then get out of mining,'” Abella told GMA News.

Abella also emphasized that the President-elect is not anti-mining.

“He supports every venture that contributes to the health of the Philippine economy. However, he is very clear that whatever venture we go into it must be in a responsible manner. But he is not anti-mining, definitely not,” he said.

Among the policies the incoming administration is studying is the possible application of responsible mining standards already being implemented in Canada and Australia, which focuses on protecting the environment.

“What the President is demanding is that all those who do that must be very clear that they do not leave toxic materials around, ganun po ang [that is what we call] responsible mining,” he added.

Abella also confirmed that the incoming Cabinet will also be considering the possibility of splitting the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) into two separate agencies with one focusing mainly on geosciences and mining regulations.

Earlier this week, the President-elect named environmentalist and anti-mining advocate Gina Lopez as his DENR Secretary.

Despite her stance on mining, she says she is open to meeting with companies to hear their suggestions on the issue.