Duterte to deliver ‘short and sweet’ inaugural speech

  • President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s inaugural speech will be short, informal and be delivered in English
  • This is in contrast to his usually long impromptu speeches that runs for an hour or so
  • His speech writer said there will be no cuss words in the incoming President’s speech

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s speech writer is making sure his inaugural speech will only be as long as five minutes.

Davao City administrator Melchor Quitain, Duterte’s speech writer for 15 years, said the incoming president will deliver a short and informal speech in English on Thursday next week, June 30.

Duterte is known to deliver hour-length speeches, as observed in the campaign period.

Quitain also said the inaugural speech will not contain expletives and curses that the President-elect is fond of using in his impromptu speeches.

“If you’ll notice, in his extemporaneous speech, maraming [there are a lot of]  P.I.s. [cursing] So in a formal speech, you have to do away with that language,” he was quoted in a GMA News Online story.

Instead, Quitain said, it will contain quotations from famous leaders and Duterte’s own quotes.

“Ours must not only be a government for the people and by the people. More than that, this government must be a government for the least, last and lowest,” Quitain cited one.

“The trouble with us in government is we talk too much, act too slow and do too little,” he cited another.

Duterte will be holding his inauguration at the Rizal Hall inside Malacañang next week.

Veering away from the traditional eventful inaugurations of past presidents, the incoming president wish to hold it as simple but as significant as possible.

It was earlier reported that “merienda” or snacks such as “maruya” and buko juice will be seved to the guests, which will only be around 500 people.

Meanwhile, Vice-President-elect Leni Robredo will be having a separate inauguration as the Duterte camp previously said. They said it will be beneficial for Robredo’s camp who may invite more guests as a way of saying thanks to the support given during the campaign period.