Duterte to gov’t workers: Stop corruption, live simply

  • President-elect Rodrigo Duterte tells government employees to stop corruption
  • He calls the attention of two corrupt agencies: BIR and the BOC
  • He says that if he hears reports on corruption, he will automatically fire a public worker or send him to somewhere

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday, June 22, reiterated his call against corruption and told government workers to try to live a simpler life.

“Huwag na huwag talaga akong makarinig na (I don’t want to hear any reports of) corruption, not even a whiff or whisper. I will fire you or place you somewhere,” Duterte was quoted in a Rappler story.

The tough-talking executive also pinpointed two corrupt agencies in the government in his speech on Tuesday during the oath-taking of Senator-elect Manny Pacquiao in Sarangani.

“Ang BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue), an institution known to be corrupt since time immemorial, kailangan huminto na kayo (you need to stop with corrupt practices),” he spoke of the income tax-collecting body of the country.

He also took a jab on another agency that is in charge of tax collection.

“Customs for the longest time maganda ang buhay niyo [your life is bountiful]. On the side, except your salary may kinikita kayo na parang allowance mo na lang ‘yung sweldo mo [you are earning on the side as if your wage is just like an allowance],” he said in a video posted by CNN Philippines.

“This time you have to change lifestyle, less expense maybe if you buy a car every other year, make it 5 years. And try to be just an ordinary government worker,” he stressed.

Known to have lived frugally despite being the mayor of Davao City for 20 years, Duterte has promised to combat corruption in government. This is aside from his main campaign promise to eliminate drugs, which he also related to corruption.

“In the higher echelons of the command, there are about 3 generals who are really tainted with drugs,” Duterte said.

“I hope they know who they are so by the time I assume office, they will retire. Or else, I will name them publicly and ask for their resignation in public.”