Duterte, unfazed: I will match the bounty on my head

  • Duterte showed no fear on the alleged bounty offered by the drug lords against him
  • He said he will match the price offered by the drug syndicates and orders the police to kill their leader
  • He also stressed his call for the reimposition of death penalty

The tough-talking President-elect Rodrigo Duterte did not mince words as he faced the threats of higher bounty reportedly offered by drug lords against him.

“No questions asked, pataasan kami ng presyo (let us match our prices),” the incoming president fearlessly said in a speech before the Davao City Police on Friday, June 24.

“If he (drug lord) puts P50 million for my life, I will put P60 million. Kill him,” he was also quoted in a PhilStar story.

He also challenged policemen, jokingly, that in the event they kill those who wants him assassinated, they will be promoted.

“I will give you a promotion on the spot from PO1 to general,” he said.

According to a GMA News Online story, high-profile convicted drug lord Peter Co is among the dealers who have come up with a billion-peso worth of bounty for Duterte and incoming Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald dela Rosa.

Duterte also stressed his order allowing members of the police force to kill criminals.

“These are my orders and listen very carefully. If you encounter a criminal ask him to surrender. If he chooses to fight and you think, you feel in your guts that you will die in the fighting, unahan mo na [be the first to move]. Kill the criminal especially those involved in drugs,” he said.

He also called on Congress to act on the reimposition of death penalty for heinous crimes.

Pinaglalaruan ang mga Pilipino [(Criminals) fool the Filipino people] that is why I am asking for re-imposition of death penalty so I can hang them,” he strongly urged.

Known for raging war against drugs, Duterte has made it clear from day one of his campaign that he will eliminate crime in three to six months of his presidency.