Duterte vows to tone down cursing once he formally assumes presidency

  • Duterte promised to change his behavior once he assumes the presidency on June 30
  • He said it will be a metamorphosis… from caterpillar into a butterfly
  • He said he will conduct himself more in keeping with the dignity of the presidential office

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte vows to change his behavior once he formally assumes the presidency on June 30.

During a press conference on Thursday, June 2, Cedric Castillo of GMA 7 asked the incoming president on his reactions to comments that his behavior is unbecoming of a president, to which Duterte responded by telling he is not (yet) the president.

“I am not yet president. Maya maya, maghintay kayo [you just wait]. I’m really a rude person. I’m enjoying my time as a rude person.  I am not the president. If I die tomorrow… what are they talking about?” Duterte told Castillo.

But he clarified that it would be a different story once he takes his oath of office.

“But when I become a president, when I take my oath of office, if you want, I will conduct [myself] more in keeping with the dignity of the office, ibang istorya ‘yan. But I’m not [yet] the president,” Duterte said.

The GMA 7 reporter asked the president-elect if the public will see a completely different Rodrigo Duterte come July 1.

“Yes. It will be a metamorphosis. Ladies and gentlemen of the media who are here, you know, when I get to be president, I have to tone down on my cursing. That would be a past. It’s going to be history. I have to concentrate more on what happens to this country and to develop it and to make it progress along the way. And there’s a lot of things which I have to do to complete,” he said.

Ever playful, Duterte even demonstrated his presidential tone and asked Castillo in a very gentlemanly manner with, “Do you have a follow up question?”  which elicited laughter from the other media people present in the press conference.

“There’s gonna be a metamorphosis in the mind. It’s suddenly from a caterpillar… it blossoms into a butterfly,” Duterte said.