Duterte warns Cabinet members: No corruption, or you’ll answer to me

  • President-elect reminded his Cabinet members to remain free from corruption
  • He said they will be answerable to him for the misdeeds committed by them and their subordinates
  • He also reminded them not to invite guests to his inauguration as he wants to keep it simple

MANILA, Philippines – The marching orders have been given.

According to incoming Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol, he and the rest of Rodrigo Duterte’s Cabinet members have been told by the president-elect to ensure that they and the subordinates remain free from corruption.

“We were told by the president that there should be no corruption, make sure there is no corruption. He said nobody from my family will interfere with your work, I’m giving you a free hand on the people you choose,” the Philippine Star quoted him as saying.

Piñol said Duterte told them they would answer to him for the misdeeds they and their subordinates make.

“But you are answerable to me for your misdeeds and for the people you have chosen,” he said. “We are accountable for every misstep we make. It was a very clear statement.”

“The president would relieve the entire department and city hall if one commits a wrongdoing. I think that’s still the same mindset,” he added.

At the same time, Piñol revealed that Duterte reminded them not to invite guests to his inauguration because he wants to keep it small and simple.

“The president informed us that we cannot bring our wives and friends because the space is limited,” he said. He said in as much as he wanted our) families and friends to be with us, we are the only ones who can attend.”