Duterte’s partner says president-elect does not wish harm on journalists

  • The common-law partner of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte came to his defense over recent statements
  • Honeylet Avanceña believes Duterte does not wish harm on journalists
  • She also assured the public that Duterte will undergo a “transformation” after he takes his oath

Cielito “Honeylet” Avanceña, the common-law partner of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, came to his defense; saying his statements are often misunderstood.

Less than a month since the end of the presidential election, the tough-talking Duterte has come under fire again; this time over his hard-worded statements particularly about media killings.

“Misunderstood na naman talaga siya. Oo, always,” Avanceña told ABS-CBN News.

During a recent statement, Duterte decried “vultures pretending to be journalists.”

Huwag na tayong magbolahan, alam ninyo yan. [Let’s not beat around the bush. You know this. There are vultures pretending to be journalists. [The problem is], every son of a b**** who claim to be journalists make money, extorting money from people,” he said.

However, Avanceña clarified that Duterte would never wish harm on journalists.

Na-misunderstood lang naman siya. Sa puso niya, [He was just misunderstood. In his heart]he would never wish the media that something bad will happen. Ano lang ‘yun sa kanya, parang nag-set lang siya ng statement, pero sa puso niya never niyang iwi-wish. [It was just, like he was just setting a statement, but in his heart, he would never wish],” she clarified.

She also came to his defense when the president-elect catcalled in jest to GMA News reporter Mariz Umali during a press conference.

Avanceña maintains that Duterte does not have any intention to disrespect women and that the public can expect a “transformation” once he officially takes office.

Ano talaga ‘yung bunganga niya, miski nung unang panahon, ganyan na talaga ‘yung bunganga niya. Pero I believe him, meron siyang mga transformation once he has taken his oath. Hayaan n’yo muna. [That mouth of his, even before, his mouth is really like that. But I believe him, that there will be a transformation once he has taken his oath. Let him be for now],” she said.

Duterte will officially take his oath as the 16th President of the Philippines on June 30.