Emotional netizens react to PNoy’s exit, thank the former president

  • Netizens sent emotional message of thanks to former President Benigno S. Aquino III
  • The highly criticized leader became a trending topic  as social media users from all over the world took to Twitter to bid their goodbyes
  • Aquino, now a private citizen, returned to his home in Times Street, Quezon City

With all the criticisms and unending blames raised against him, former President Benigno S. Aquino III received emotional reactions from netizens on the day he stepped out of Malacanang; his home for six years.

On noontime of June 30, the former highest leader of the land became a trending topic as social media users from all over the world took to Twitter to bid their goodbyes to the country’s 15th president, an article written by Alixandra Caoile Vila which was published by Philippine Star disclosed.

One netizen wrote: “suddenly felt the sadness. Thank you, PNoy. I salute you for all the hardwork!”

Another one posted: “anything that has anything to do with departure or leaving makes me sad. Thank you PNoy!”

Obviously not an avid follower of the former president but out of respect one posted this: “Thank you for your six years of leadership PNoy. You may not be the best president, still you got my respect,” while another noted: “Thanks for the 6 years, PNoy. They weren’t the best, but job well done.”

Prior to the oath taking of Aquino’s successor, President Rodrigo Duterte, the former was given departure honors as he stepped down from office.

The former president also had an opportunity to talk with the new president of the republic.

Among his last words in one of his speaking engagements reads: “Ang iwan ang bansa sa ‘di hamak na mas magandang kalagayan kaysa sa atin pong dinatnan. Hanggang sa huli, isang malaking karangalan para sa aking paglingkuran ang Pilipino at ang Pilipinas.

[To leave the country in a much better condition than what it was. Until the last, it’s a great pleasure and pride to have served the Filipinos and the Philippines.]

After leaving the office, former President Aquino now becomes a private citizen and will reside at his family’s home in Times Street, Quezon City.



  1. 2 days ago, I replied to a comment in an article with Philstar regarding the performance rating of ex-president pnoy (please see screen shots) and my comment was something like this, “Mataas ang rating or mataas ang ibinayad sa nag-rate?”
    And to my surprise, I was not only retaliated with “stup…..id” I’ve been blocked by a Philstar admin and deleted my comment!
    Whoever that was, he can’t face the truth and can’t deal with reality smacked up-front of his face!
    An obvious fanatic of the yellow tard!

  2. Putang ina naman talaga, nawala na yung yellow ribbon ng di na presidente. Dapat ay ipako sa bungo ni abnoy ang yellow ribbon para laging paalala ang kagaguhan. Opps mali yata, di nga pala siya naging Presidente ng RP. Presidente pala siya ng mga Oligarch

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