Enrile retires from politics at 92

  • Outgoing senator Enrile, 92, announced his retirement in government service  
  • Enrile has served in public office for 50 years
  • “Old politicians never die, they will just fade away,” Enrile said; quoting General MacArthur

After 50 years of service in the government, outgoing senator Juan Ponce Enrile announced his retirement from public office during the last day of the Senate session on Monday, June 6.

“Like what MacArthur said, old soldiers never die, they just fade away. I’d say today, my last appearance in this chamber, old politicians never die, they will just fade away. My head was bloody but never bowed,” Enrile said as he bade farewell during his privilege speech.

Enrile recounted spending half a century of government service; starting from his 1st government post as the undersecretary and acting secretary of the Department of Finance since 1966, as per an article published by ABS CBN News.

“This will be my last day to visit this chamber because when we adjourn at midnight today, I shall have closed my public service to the nation, a service that has spanned more than half a century when I began to work for the government in January of 1966,” he said.

Before concluding his speech, the veteran lawmaker thanked his colleagues, staff, and the Filipino people for supporting his term in the Senate, as disclosed in an article by Inquirer.

“I would like to thank all of my colleagues and all those people that worked with me and beg their forbearance and understanding if in the heat of debate I somehow hurt them unwittingly or displeased them,” Enrile said.

Enrile is among the 9 outgoing senators whose term in the Upper Chambers will expire on June 30.