Facebook founder was also ‘victimized by online hackers?

  • Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was victimized by online hackers
  • Zuckerberg fell to hackers who accessed his Twitter and Pinterest acounts
  • Hacking group OurMine said they accessed Zuckerberg’s accounts when ‘testing his security’

Apparently, even the founder of one of the most popular social networking sites was not spared from being victimized by online hackers.

In an article written by Paul Harper of Mirror, it was disclosed that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg fell to online hackers who accessed his Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

On Twitter, the group publicly messaged Zuckerberg. The Facebook founder, however, had not used his Twitter account since 2012.

“Hey @finkd we got access to your Twitter & Instagram & Pinterest, we are just testing your security, please dm (direct message) us,” the group, OurMine Team with username @_OurMine_, tweeted Zuckerberg.

According to hacking group OurMine, they got access to Zuckerberg’s social media accounts — particularly Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest when “testing his security.” To note, Venturebeat have reported a similar message which appeared on a Pinterest account that is allegedly linked to Zuckerberg. On the other hand, it was not verified whether the Facebook founder’s Instagram account was also hacked.

OurMine exposed that Zuckerberg’s fatal flaw is using the same password for multiple accounts; a password likely leaked in the 2012 LinkedIn hack that saw 117 million account details sold on the dark web.

Meanwhile, Social Media Examiner shared tips on how to protect oneself from hackers:

  1. Get Alerts on Suspicious Activity – One way to keep tabs on access to your social accounts is to install an intrusion detection system on your mobile devices. This type of app will detect suspicious activity and unauthorized access to your online accounts.
  2. Login Securely With a Password Manager – Your company’s social media account passwords are what stand between you and unscrupulous hackers. If your social accounts get hacked, your business’s reputation may be harmed, so be sure to create strong profile passwords and modify them often.(Continue reading at Social Media Examiner.)