Father of Orlando club gunman condemns shooting, apologizes for son’s action

• The father of the gunman in Orlando mass shooting apologized for his son’s actions
• The father called the massacre “the act of a terrorist”
• The gunman was described by his father as a “very good boy who lived a dignified life and respected his parents”

Seddique Mir Mateen, father of Omar Mateen who attacked a popular gay club in Orlando, Florida, leaving 50 people dead and 53 others wounded, publicly apologized for the bloodbath caused by his son.

The elder Mateen called the massacre “the act of a terrorist.”

“Even though he is my son, I admit this is terrorist act. This is terrorizing. I don’t forgive him,” he said Monday, a day after Omar barged into the Pulse gay nightclub around 2 a.m. June 12.

Mr. Mateen described his son as a “very good boy who lived a dignified life and respected his parents.”

“I don’t know what has caused him to do this,” the elder Mateen said in a video he posted online. “I was not aware that he had hatred.”

“I am sorry,” Mr. Mateen said. “If I did know, one per cent, that he was committing such a crime, I would have arrested him myself, I would have called FBI.”

The gunman’s father said he did not notice anything different from his son hours prior to the attack.

“I wish he was alive. I could ask him one question: “Why did he do this?” He got enough attention from the family, good education, good life and with a good job. So I am as shocked as you are,” he said.

Seddique Mir Mateen rejected suggestions that religion has something to do with his son’s actions.

“I don’t think religion or Islam had anything to do with this,” he told NBC News, adding he remembered his son telling him how it made him mad after seeing two men kissing in Miami a couple of months ago.

The elder Mateen thought the incident in Miami may be related to the shooting.