‘Finding Dory’ hits blockbuster with historic $136 million sales

  • Finding Dory makes a historic blockbuster opening
  • It earned $136.2 million in its North American opening and an additional $50 million overseas
  • The film overtook ‘Shrek the Third’ in the record of an animated film having the biggest opening in sales

“Finding Dory” has hit North American box office this weekend as it placed first with a record-breaking earning of $136.2 million.

The sequel to the 2003 animated film “Finding Nemo” had a successful opening weekend and “now stands as the biggest domestic debut of all time for an animated movie and 18th highest debut overall,” said IGN in a story.

It overtook “Shrek the Third”, which got $121.6 million in 2007, for being the record-breaking debut weekend of an animated film.

The Disney and Pixar movie also had a success in the international box office; earning as much as $50 million. All in all, “Finding Dory” garnered $182.6 million.

The hit film follows Dory, Nemo’s friend and supporting character, in “Finding Nemo”.

Dory, voiced by seasoned host Ellen DeGeneres, is a forgetful fish who tries to find her parents when she started to dream about her life before she met Nemo and his father.

“The box office win puts Disney on track for a year that analysts predict will be the company’s biggest ever in film,” Bloomberg said in a story.

“With its five movie units all releasing pictures, the output had been estimated to push the industry’s box office gross this year ahead of the record in 2015,” it added.

Following “Finding Dory” in the blockbuster list for the weekend is “Central Intelligence”. The comedy film features Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart. It earned a total of $34.5 million.

Horror film “The Conjuring 2”, on the other hand, lost its lead last week to “Finding Dory”; earning $15.6 million.

Coming in at the 4th spot is “Now You See Me 2” which stars the tandem of Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson. The film had an estimated earning of $9.6 million over the weekend.

“Warcraft”, an animated computer-generated adaptation of the famous online computer game “World of Warcraft”, owned the fifth spot with $6.5 million.

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