Gab Valenciano reveals he made ‘Super Selfie’ videos during ‘one of lowest points’ of his life

  • Gab Valenciano says he made the “Super Selfie” videos during “one of the lowest points” of his life
  • The Super Selfie videos have become an international viral hit since the first release in 2013
  • In fact, Beyoncé made a music video inspired by Valenciano’s work

Gab Valenciano, who created the viral “Super Selfie” videos that earned him praise from million of viewers worldwide, including superstar Beyoncé who made a music video inspired by his work, revealed that he created his now famous online masterpiece during “one of the lowest points” of his life.

While his videos exude high energy and a generally happy mood, Valenciano says he used the videos as an outlet to release negative emotions.

I was also very down at that time. A lot of people, their best work comes out at the most desperate of times. I think not just desperate, but even, I know a lot of people who come out with their best work when they were at their lowest and I think that was one of the lowest points of my life. I just kept creating and that was my outlet. I didn’t resort to anything else. I just told myself that I’m going to open my laptop and shoot,” he told GMA News.

His father, Gary Valenciano, recalls that the first time Gab made a “Super Selfie,” the latter was living alone, away from his family.

“Everything you see of Gab in the Super Selfie, that’s a part of Gab. It’s not the entire picture. It started out of boredom. He was in school living in a five-bedroom house alone. And then one time he sent me a video and said, ‘Dad, check this out. I think I should post this.’ I said, ‘Go, post it!’” the older Valenciano said.

Since the first “Super Selfie” was released in 2013, the younger Valenciano has become a famous artist on his own right. However, he urged his fellow artists to collaborate instead of competing with each other.

“There is always gonna be someone better. There is always gonna be someone fresher, someone newer. I always tell people, ‘Don’t compete. Collaborate. Don’t compete. Contribute.’ Because, again, it’s such a competitive world. People will always have better equipment… But you only have one you,” he said.


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