Here’s why young Rody Duterte lived in an apartment separate from the main house

  • Presidential sister Eleanor Duterte revealed in an interview that the young Rodrigo Duterte used to live in a separate apartment away from the main house in Davao City
  • They moved in Davao City from Danao, Cebu when Rody was a teenager
  • She said her only advise to her brother is to stay the same person he is right now; keeping the values instilled by their parents intact

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – As a young man, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte was no different from other teenagers who had peers and comes home late at night. The reason why during the incoming president’s younger years in Davao City, his parents had a separate apartment from the main house constructed just for him.

According to GMA News Online, his elder sister Eleanor, or better known as Baby to family and friends, told in an interview with  24 Oras:

Hiwalay na lang siya doon kasi umuuwi ng gabi, barkada [He had a separate room because he comes home late, peers]. All that thing. Maingay [Noise]. You know, we have to open the door and we will wake up our parents. It’s not any different from any family.”

In the 2-minute video, Ian Cruz of 24 Oras toured the Duterte family’s two-story ancestral house, which is full of photographs and memories of a young Rodrigo Duterte. It also featured a small ‘sari-sari’ store that their late mother, Soledad, used to manage; a delivery truck, and the latter’s own apartment.  Rody Duterte was in his teenage years when they moved to Davao City from Danao, Cebu.

When asked whether she will hold any government position now that her brother is the incoming president, Baby Duterte said she won’t. But in any case that he may need their help, the Duterte siblings will always be ready to assist him.

Her only advise to her younger brother is to stay as he is, and keep his core values intact. She said:

“That he remains the same persona that his parents raised him. The way we were raised is already embedded in us.”

Watch full video of 24 Oras below: