‘Impressive’: Davao’s 911 wows business leaders

  • Business leaders who joined Rody Duterte’s summit visited Davao City’s 911 Command Center
  • They were very impressed with the system
  • They also vowed to cooperate with Duterte’s 10-point economic agenda to uplift lives of the poor

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Business leaders who went to Davao City to attend a summit with incoming President Rodrigo Duterte were wowed by the city’s comprehensive security system after a visit to the Central 911 and Public Safety and Security Command Center.

“We’re so impressed. I get to see a lot of operations centers around the world and this is very, very impressive, National Competitiveness Council chair Guillermo Luz told ABS-CBN. “For people in general, they want to feel they are safe. That in case of emergency, the government is able to respond quickly.”

The command center houses a call center for round-the-clock assistance, dozens of rescue vehicles, and a surveillance system which controls 190 CCTVs around the city.

Meanwhile, the country’s top tycoons vowed to support Duterte’s 10-point economic agenda which would allow growth to be felt by the poor.

“The business sector will definitely work with the new government and its 10-point agenda. There’s a positive energy in working with the incoming administration,” businessman Manny V. Pangilinan said.

Doris Magsaysay-Ho, a shipping magnate who heads the Magsaysay Group of Companies, said they agree with Duterte’s plan to create more jobs for the lower sectors now that the country is improving as a whole.

“The key thing is how do we grow as an economy and create employment in the lowest sectors of society, so I think that’s really our focus,” she said. “So the greatest rallying point is to have very clear strategic intent. How do we build the ecosystems and the clusters that are needed to be able to roll out very competitive goods and services, not just for our consumption but to offer to the world?”