In PH: Teodoro—“the greatest Uber driver ever”—goes viral on social media for first-class service

  • Uber user posted welcome poster of Uber car driver Teodoro on Reddit
  • His service included free candies, hand wash and tissues, phone charging and WiFi
  • Social media users dying to know who Teodoro is, want to avail of his services

MANILA, Philippines – Meet Teodoro— possibly the greatest or coolest Uber driver ever.

Social media users are heaping praises on this driver after a Reddit user posted his welcome poster in the back of his car while using Uber in the Philippines.

In the thread titled “Uber in the Philippines”, rxddit_ shared the very polite sign posted by Teodoro for his “guests”.

“A Blessed day, my name is Teodoro your driver. May I know if you have your preferred route for your convenient (sic) or we could always use Waze,” began the first part of the welcome poster.

More eye-catching however, were the freebies Teodoro offered for the passenger which included free candies, alcohol, sanitizer, tissue, re-charging of smartphones, and WiFi.

The welcome poster then ends with a “Thank you for riding. Enjoy your day & God Bless always. Your Personal Driver, Teodoro.”

Sure enough, rxddit_’s post elicited thousands of reactions, with the comments overwhelmingly praising Teodoro as awesome. Others also asked rxddit_ who Teodoro was and how they could avail of his services in the Philippines.

Some were also baffled and amused by the Uber driver’s offer of free alcohol which they thought meant liquor. However, this was quickly clarified as some of the commenters explained that alcohol meant hand wash.

Uber is a driving app which allows passengers to contact private vehicles for trips in lieu of taxis. The concept has been widely accepted in the Philippines mainly for safety and practical reasons.

However, traditional taxi and PUV companies have often complained about Uber due to the competition it poses.

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