Incoming PCOO chief wants PTV4 to be patterned after ABC, BBC

  • Incoming PCOO Sec. Martin Andanar said that he would like to pattern PTV4 after ABC and BBC
  • Andanar said that changing PTV4’s charter will make its operations “critical and independent”
  • He added that ABC will train PTV4’s staff regarding initiatives related to technology and management

The incoming chief of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) would like to pattern the state broadcasting firm PTV4 after the renowned networks of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

In an article written by Inday Espina-Varona for ABS-CBN News on June 18, 2016, it was disclosed that Martin Andanar would like to introduce reforms on the government-owned media agency that will make its operations “critical and independent.”

He said that he already tapped the assistance of the ABC in assisting PTV4 to train its staff, especially when it comes to initiatives related to technology and management.

“The charter of ABC is patterned after the BBC,” Andanar said; adding that the PTV would also need to amend its charter to cater to developments.

He also noted that while President-elect Rodrigo Duterte drew protests for his comments related to the killing of journalists in the country, he believes that that incoming chief executive recognizes press freedom as a right of media practitioners.

“The three important primary values that he (Duterte) believes in are justice, fairness, and equality. There’s no reason why you can’t give in to editorial independence. As long as we do our jobs right, as long as it’s for the people, then it (editorial independence) should be okay,” Andanar said.

Prior to his upcoming bid in the government, Andanar, who also trained under the ABC, served as chief of TV5’s online audio and video news portal “News 5 Everywhere.”

Before transferring to TV5, he started his broadcasting career as a news anchor GMA Network and the National Broadcasting Network (NBN).