India’s Class 12 exam ‘topper’ jailed after saying political science is about cooking

  • A topnotcher school girl in India was arrested after saying in an interview that political science teaches cooking
  • She also mispronounced political science as ‘prodigal science’
  • Eighteen more students involved in the same scandal were also issued with arrest warrants

A 17-year-old Class 12 examination topnotcher in Bihar state in India was busted as a ‘fraud’ after saying that political science teaches cooking during a recent interview on television.

The news of Ruby Rai mispronouncing political science as ‘prodigal science’ and saying the subject is all about cooking on TV made headlines in India and prompted school authorities to subject her to a re-exam.

Rai topped the Class 12 exam in Bihar and she is said to have achieved a near perfect score in political science. She also recorded a 444 mark out of 500 in the arts stream.

She was immediately summoned by the Bihar School Examination Board after the embarrassing episode and was forced to face the committee and answer questions face to face. The panel ended up canceling the previous result after she failed miserably even at basic questions.

Police immediately arrested the school girl and was sent to jail until July 8 after it was proven that she had cheated.

“The arts topper was very forthright in accepting that she did not deserve to be a topper,” Manu Maharaj, head of the Patna special investigation team, told The Indian Express.

“She had expected second division at best. She now blamed her guardians and Vishun Roy College principal Bachcha Rai for making her topper,” the school official added.

During interrogation, the Vaishali teenager blamed her parents for the scandal; saying she only told her father to get her passed, but apparently the latter “went ahead and made her a topper”.

Eighteen more students involved in the same exam scandal were also sent arrest warrants.

Among them is Saurabh Shrestha, the topnotcher in the Science subject, who did not know that H2O stands for water.


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