Indie actress Mercedes Cabral wows the Middle East with her acting prowess

  • Indie actress Mercedes Cabral impresses with her performance in a Kuwaiti soap opera
  • The soap ‘Saq Al-bambu’ is based on an award-winning novel of the same title
  • It will be aired across the Middle East and run for the whole month of Ramadan 

Filipina actress Mercedes Cabral, who is dubbed as the country’s ‘Indie Princess’, has made a name for herself from starring in various critically-acclaimed art films and is now captivating audiences in Middle East television.

Cabral, not a stranger to the international scene as most of her films were well-received in foreign shores, is hitting a new milestone with her performance on a Kuwaiti novel-turned-soap opera, ‘Saq Al-bambu’ or ‘The Bamboo Stalk’.

The soap, as per an article published by InterAksyon, is a modern Cinderella story about Josephine — a Filipino maid working in Kuwait who steals the heart of her employer’s son, Rashid. He wants to marry her but his mother disagrees and wants him to have an arranged marriage with someone else.

Cabral shared with Inquirer that the most challenging part of her recent project was memorizing her Arabic lines. “They helped me understand the script. They tried their best to communicate with me, which was really sweet,” referring to her co-stars Wonho Chung and Abdul Mohsen.

She also shared feeling honored having to work with the series director Mohamed Al Qaffas. “He is well-known and -respected in the Gulf region,” she said.

According to Shandii Bacolod, Cabral’s manager, they have been hearing news of the favorable feedback on the actress’ performance on the show; adding that the assistant general manager of Sabbah Pictures, Suzy Karajian, is raving about Cabral’s acting chops, noting how “everyone is talking about how amazing she is…a marvelous talent.”

“Mercedes was so overwhelmed with how she was appreciated in another country, she cried,” Bacolod said.

The show is being aired on Al-Rai TV and MBC Drama in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai in United Arab Emirates and other parts of the Middle East, and will run for the whole month of Ramadan.