Lang Leav to Maine Mendoza: You sing like an angel

  • Famous writer Lang Leav praised Maine Mendoza’s song
  • Mendoza wrote the lyrics of the song; while Vic Sotto created its melody
  • Mendoza also sang the song; Leav said she sings like an angel

Its’ not only her fans who praised Maine Mendoza for writing and singing the theme song of the upcoming movie Imagine You and Me. The internet sensation-turned actress was also commended by famous writer Lang Leav.

In an article written by AT of GMA News, it was disclosed that many people, including Leav, like Mendoza’s song, which she performed in Eat Bulaga. The song is the theme song of her movie with her onscreen partner Alden Richards. The lyrics was written by Mendoza; while the music was created by Vic Sotto.

“And just like that….. it’s a wrap, everybody! Congratulazioni, Imagine You and Me faaaam!” Mendoza tweeted.

Leav replied saying: “Just watched your performance of Imagine You and Me @mainedcm. I love the lyrics and you sing like an angel.”

“@langleav aww thank you, Lang,” Mendoza replied.

Here is the lyrics of the song written by Mendoza:

All my life I was dreaming
All my life I was searching
All my life I was seeking
For someone I can truly call my own

Then you arrived all of a sudden
Without a warning it was you that I saw
Without a warning it was you who came
You came right when I don’t know what to say

It would be nice to have you in my life
Would there be a chance for you to give it a try
It would be the best day of our lives
Imagine you and me together eternally

You could have been lost but here you are saved
Don’t you ever go astray
What I would give to make you feel okay
I would gladly give it all away

And I hope you see that
I would love to love you
Imagine you and me

I have waited my whole life just to meet you
And now that you are here
I don’t think I could lose you
This would be the best day of our lives
Imagine you and me, together eternally
Imagine you and me, together eternally

Meanwhile, to watch the video of Mendoza’s performance, one may check it at Eat Bulaga’s page.