Leah Navarro twits Aiza after viral post on Duterte’s “blind followers”

  • Veteran singer and activist Leah Navarro called on Aiza Seguerra on Twitter after the latter’s viral post
  • Navarro said Seguerra may have finally seen the light on her choice to support Duterte
  • But Seguerra urged Navarro to “move on” and “move forward”

MANILA, Philippines – Veteran singer and civil society advocate Leah Navarro has a brief word war with singer-actress Aiza Seguerra on Twitter after the latter’s post on Duterte’s “blind followers” went viral on social media.

The exchange started when Navarro called on Seguerra for supposedly having finally a change of heart regarding her choice to support and campaign for a presidential candidate in the May 9 election.

“Now @aizaseguerra claims to see the light. Are the blinders really off?” Navarro wrote on Twitter last Tuesday.

Seguerra quickly retorted by telling Navarro: “Claims? My stand has been very clear frm d very beginning. Fairness. Dunno if you cn say the same thing for urself.”

But Navarro refused to back down and said: “Yes, I am biased, Aiza. So are you. No one can be “fair” or “unbiased.” Especially during a campaign.”

To this, Aiza replied: “Yes, tita. But campaign is over. Loyalty should be to the country and not any political party.”

Aiza Seguerra and her partner, Liza Diño, are staunch Duterte supporters and have campaigned hard for the former Davao City Mayor who ended up defeating his closest rival by more than 6 million votes.

Image capture of Aiza and Leah's Twitter exchange
Image capture of Aiza and Leah’s Twitter exchange

Navarro, the co-convenor of the Black And White Movement is a known defender of the Aquino administration and supported defeated administration bet Mar Roxas in the last election.

Seguerra also urged Navarro not only to “move on” but also to “move forward” and work towards unity, to which the latter replied: “Hopefully that works for you. I will observe how this govt goes forward and object when it falters.”

In her viral social media post, Seguerra encouraged supporters of Duterte not to become just “blind followers” and try to respect people who don’t share the same point of view or opinion as theirs.

Her post earned varied reactions from Duterte supporters, with some lambasting the singer for being disloyal to the elected president she once ardently defended.

Meanwhile, in her final tweet to Seguerra, Navarro insisted her loyalty remains with the country and not with someone else.

“Just because elections are over we should tolerate indignities, “move on”? My loyalty has always been to my country,” Navarro wrote.


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  1. Gutom na si navaro.. what a loser ..during mamasapapo at ibang mga kapalpakan ni Abnoy,wa comment ang mga ito..Tahimik sigurong nagsisisi dahil kabaligtaran pala ang laman ng librong tuwid na daan..Nobody is perfect,nasa huli ang pagsisisi

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