Lipsticks with real flowers inside now a new craze

  • A new kind of girl stuff is getting attention online
  • Lipsticks with real flowers and gold specks inside are now a new craze
  • These have a light pink tint that changes colors depending on one’s temperature, body pH

A new kind of girl stuff is getting a lot of attention online. Created by Kailijumei Cosmetics, lipsticks that have real flowers inside have become a new craze.

In an article written by Ruta Grasyte of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that Kailijumei Cosmetics, a China-based store, has recently introduced a new kind of lipstick to the beauty scene where it has become a craze.

The jelly lipstick does not only have real flowers and gold specks inside, but also has a light pink tint that changes colors depending on one’s temperature and body pH.

The Kailijumei Cosmetics now have 22,900 followers on Instagram.

“The Internet predicts these will take over Kylie Jenner,” said Instagram user @zara108.

“I saw them on a meme and then on buzzfeed. It’s like the rose from beauty and the beast!” commented @siera214.

“A fancy pants lipstick. It is iridescent pink gloss very pretty!” wrote @najgrant.

“Don’t even know how they’ll look on, but I want!” @sannahzita said.

“”How crazy! They look amazing!” @teesh8812 stated.

Some, however are concerned about the fact that the lipsticks are not tested on animals; as admitted by Kailijumei itself.

“I just discovered your brand and was blown away by the beauty of your lipsticks, but very disappointed when I heard you’re based in China. @kailijumei it was my understanding that animal testing is a strict requirement in your country? Please explain why this is not the case and I will become a happy and loyal customer!” @thickfreaknessss said.

“Prove that it was tested on animals if you’re so sure about it,” commented @virginia.cross.

Meanwhile, the lipsticks are already out of stock on the Kailijumei website as of posting. Anyone, however, can pre-order the worth $30 lipstick.