Liza Diño says President-elect Duterte should apologize to offended reporter

  • Actress Liza Diño said president-elect Rodrigo Duterte should apologize for catcalling GMA-7 reporter Mariz Umali
  • She said the fact that the lady reporter felt offended was already a reason to apologize for
  • Diño said: “It’s ok to have difference in opinions, as long as RESPECT remains and prevails”

MANILA, Philippines – Liza Diño, a known staunch supporter of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, said it’s only proper for the latter to apologize to GMA-7 reporter Mariz Umali for catcalling her on national television during a press conference.

In a Facebook post she shared on June 3, Diño said Mayor Duterte’s supporters, including herself, are always there to defend him every time he says something that is taken out of context, but stressed that she does not justify all of it, knowing for a fact that ‘”Diplomat-speak” is not his best asset’.

She then wrote:

“But in the same way that I defend him by using context—HIS CONTEXT—as his defense to get away with misinterpretations, it is the very same reason why I believe that what he did to Mariz Umali is inappropriate.

From his mouth towards a receiver—the burden of CONTEXT now lies NOT WITH HIM, but with Mariz. And Mariz said and felt it was IMPROPER.”

Diño, better-half of singer-actress Aiza Seguerra, emphasized that regardless of Duterte’s intention, the fact that the lady reporter felt offended was already a reason to apologize for.

“Whether what he did in his own perspective is intentional or not, the fact that the receiver felt it was IMPROPER should be enough reason to warrant an apology. Not necessarily because she was “harassed”, or she was “sexually abused” but because she was OFFENDED. Kahit hindi sinasadya, naoffend sya, so nararapat lang na humingi sya ng dispensa [He might not mean it, but she was offended, so it’s just proper to apologize to her]”, she said.

She even stated that if she were in the situation, and she felt offended, she ‘would call him out for it on the spot’.

She reiterated, though, that disagreeing with the president doesn’t mean she support him less:

“Look, Our president is not perfect. Who is? At one point or another, he’s bound to make mistakes. But not agreeing with him doesn’t mean I don’t support him in the same way that supporting him doesn’t mean I always have to agree with him.”

And ended her post with the following:

“..And that’s the beauty of democracy. It’s ok to have difference in opinions, as long as RESPECT remains and prevails.”

To read Liza Diño’s full Facebook post, please click here.



  1. I do not think Mariz Umali Tima was offended at all. If she was, she should have said so right then and there, but she didn’t, did she? But after some thought, she decided that it was an opportunity make a big splash in the media by making herself a victim of the supposed “catcall”. She is just an opportunist.

  2. Bat ba napakahirap humingi ng paumanhin? Napakatanga naman ng tingin niya sa audience niya kung magpalusot pa siya ng kung anu-ano. Offended or not mali ginawa niya, kahit body language niya says so. Unbelievable talaga ang mga Pilipino. Mahirap ba? Ako nga eh, sorry po napasarap lang kasi ang kuwentuhan at medyo naging too sersious ang usapan, hindi po sinasadya. Para patunay magdonate po ako ng P1000 para charity of your choice. Tapos!

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