LOOK: Share a drink with your pet with these ‘cat wines’

  • A cat wine is available in Denver, Colorado
  • The non-alcoholic ‘feline snack wine’ comes in two variants playfully named ‘mosCATo’ and ‘Pinot Meow’
  • The snack wines are sold at $12 per bottle

How many times have you had the urge to drink wine at home but no one was there to share that moment with you? And how many times have your pet – dog, cat, goldfish or hamster – have kept you company through nights when your friends or family are not just around.

Well, a company based in Denver in the United States has just formulated something that might just level up your bonding game with your pet cat. So if you happen to love wine and enjoy the companion of a pet cat, then this innovation might just be for you.

Introducing Appolo Peak’s cat wine. But it is not wine per se as the drink is non-alcoholic but a fun colored “catnip-based feline snack wine” for your furry friend.

According to Brit.co, the “cat wine” was an an idea by cat lovers and wine aficionados. It uses “all-natural ingredients sourced from local farmers and shops” and a “100% of [their] ingredients (with the exception of [their] water) is sourced from local farmers in central Colorado — in the foothills of the Front Range Mountains.”

“These ingredients include fresh organic catnip grown in the Pacific Northwest and fresh, all-natural and organic beets grown in the US,” the feature also said.

The snack wine comes in two variants sold at $12 per bottle: Pinot Meow (from the red wine variety Pinot noir) and MosCATo (sweet Italian wine Moscato).

Well, this venture might just be very viable since a cat café in Denver is eyeing to take things up a notch by opening a cat bar – a first in America and probably the whole world.

Denver Cat Bar has opened a Kickstarter page to seek help from those interested parties to help them set up the business.

“Denver Cat Company started 18 months ago with a vision: to be a safe haven for cats in search of their people and a place where the humans of Denver could enjoy much-needed kitten time. 18 months and 150 adoptions later, it’s time to next level the cat café,” wrote the creators of the page.

“With your continued support, we will give you an even better cat experience while bringing greater exposure to rescues. It’s time for cats + wine to become reality. You’ll enjoy wine, (or beer), surrounded by super playful cats!”

Image from Apollo Peak's Instagram page
Image from Apollo Peak’s Instagram page
Image from Apollo Peak's Instagram page
Image from Apollo Peak’s Instagram page
Image from Apollo Peak's Instagram page
Image from Apollo Peak’s Instagram page