LOOK: Walk on water with this floating art piece

  • An artist creates a three-kilometer walkway for the public to walk on water
  • It is located at Lake Iseo in Italy
  • The art installation will be open to the public from June 18 to July 3

Have you ever dreamed of walking on water? What if someone tells you it’s possible – and all you have to do is fly overseas and walk through a giant floating art installation in the middle of a lake in Italy?

Artist Christo Vladimirov Javachef’s “The Floating Pier” lets the public enjoy the magnificent view of Lake Iseo while walking on it.

GMA News Online said in a story that the art installation is made up of 200,000 floating cubes dressed up in an orang fabric that runs as far as three kilometers or 1.9 miles.

“It’s a very physical project, you need to go there [to understand it],” Christo speak of his project as he announced the opening of his “art exhibit.”

“It’s not a painting, it’s not a sculpture. You need to walk on it… feel it with the sun, with the rain, with the wind. It’s physical, not virtual,” he also said.

The project, which costs 15 million euros or $16.7 million and was funded through the sales of Christo’s designs and blueprints, will be open to the public for free from June 18 to July 3.

It took decades before Christo was able to realize the construction of his magnificent masterpiece. He first thought of it back in 1970 with his late wife, also an artist, Jeanne-Claude. Claude died of brain aneurysm in 2009.

“The Floating Pier” was initially imagined for the River Plate delta in Argentina but they were forced to abandon the site. They tried to mount it in Japan but failed due to permit restrictions. Italy became a friendlier host; giving them permission in just two years.

The couple has been known for their collaboration in making art installations. They have birthed three art installations in Italy in the 1960s and the 1970s. The most iconic piece was their wrapped monument of King Vittorio Emmanuele that was placed at the Cathedral Square in Milan.

Their first piece that brought them to the limelight was their “eye-catching packaging of famous landmarks like the Pont Neuf across the Seine in Paris in 1985 and Berlin’s Reichstag in 1995,” GMA said in its story.

Here are some snapshots of the project:

Image capture of a video by NBC via Twitter
Image capture of a video by NBC via Twitter
Image capture of a video by NBC via Twitter
Image capture of a video by NBC via Twitter



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