LTFRB official wants operation of colorum vehicles criminalized

• An official of the LTFRB proposed to criminalize the operation of colorum vehicles
• Operation of public utility vehicles without permits to operate is tantamount to economic sabotage, the official said
• The LTFRB official further proposed that other enforcement agencies, aside from LTFRB and LTO, be deputized to go after violators

A Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) official proposed that the operation of public utility vehicles traveling without permits to operate be criminalized.

The operation of these colorum vehicles, according to LTFRB Board member Ariel Inton, is tantamount to economic sabotage because it unfairly competes with operators who are legitimate franchise holders.

“If we don’t fight colorum violators, then public transport will be a failure and people will no longer use it,” Inton said.

Inton said the LTFRB is serious in clamping down on colorum vehicles; dispelling criticisms that it is “soft” in dealing with colorum violators.

According to Business Mirror, Inton noted that there are some limitations that need to be addressed in order to effectively fight the colorum operators.

Inton said other law enforcement agencies should be deputized to apprehend violators. According to the Joint Administrative Order of the LTFRB and the Land Transportation Office (LTO), the LTFRB and the LTO are the only deputized agencies to fight colorum.

“Meaning to say, other enforcement units cannot apprehend and enforce the JAO provisions. We have a situation wherein a policeman cannot apprehend a colorum vehicle based on JAO, simply because he is not deputized to do so,” Inton said.

“If operating a colorum vehicle will be considered a crime, police will be given the authority to nab offending operators, Inton added.


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  1. They may be law breakers but definitely not serious offenses. The impounding of vehicles and lack of personnel and will to implement is the main root of the problem IMO.

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