Mar Roxas blogs about his ‘thank you’ tour

  • Mar Roxas is touring across the country to thank his supporters
  • He regularly posts on his official Facebook, sharing stories about his ‘thank you’ tour
  • He joked about considering travel blogging as a new career

Of all the defeated presidential candidates in the recent May 9 elections, Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas seems to be enjoying the most. He’s been an investment banker, a lawmaker, worked in the executive department as a Cabinet member, recently, a presidential aspirant. Now, we might be seeing him making the foray into a new career — as a travel blogger .

After all the craziness the recent campaign period brought in his life, it’s not surprising that Mar would want to ‘stop and smell the roses.’ He embarked on a tour all over the country to thank his supporters and fully appreciate the beautiful scenery he had failed to notice when he was campaigning, as per an article published by Inquirer.

“Why am I doing this? Well, first of all, I want to thank those who trusted me,” Mar said.

He quipped: “Secondly, I’m exploring options as a travel blogger haha.”

“My schedule was packed during the campaign, now I get to just enjoy the scenery,” he added.

The 59-year-old investment banker-turned-politician often cracked ‘corny’ jokes in his blogs and videos through his official Facebook page, which make him sound like an uncle trying to be hip — many of his supporters called it the trademark “Tito Mar jokes”.

Mar also showed it’s not too late for him to get caught up on the latest technology: “I may have lost the elections but by golly I can pair-up a GoPro to an iPhone, take a picture and send it! #lifeskill.”

His supporters are certainly  glad to see Mar just enjoying himself and took to the comments section to interact with the ‘travelling Tito Mar’.

“Let’s not forget though that this is for you. I’m doing this trip, taking these photos, shaking your hands, hearing your stories, goofing around… so that I can show you how grateful I am for your support. Please follow my ‘thank you’ tour,” Mar said to his supporters.

Mar may have not won the presidential elections, but he’s winning the hearts of many in his endearing, relateable travel blogs.

Follow Mar Roxas’ ‘thank you’ tour here.