Mar Roxas says extra-judicial killings affect only the poor

  • Mar Roxas is concerned over the spate of extra-judicial killings in the country
  • He believes that these only affect the poor people and not the rich ones
  • He said that unlike the poor people, the rich people can secure means to protect themselves

MANILA, Philippines – Defeated Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer, Mar Roxas expressed alarm over the spate of extra-judicial killings heralding the administration of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, the former Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary said that extra-judicial killings only affect the poor people and not the rich ones because they can secure means to protect themselves.

“Lahat ng mga extra-judicial na gawaing ito, ang talagang naaapektuhan nito ay iyung mga mahihirap. Kasi ang mayayaman, makakabili ng baril, makaka-hire ng security guard, makakuha ng resbak, may abogado. May access yung mayayaman sa ibang tulong,” he said.

[The one who will be greatly affected by these extra-judicial killings are the poor people. The rich people can buy guns, hire security guards, hire a lawyer. They have access to a lot of things that may help them.]

Roxas conceded to Duterte on May 10 and wished the incoming president success in his term.

He told  his supporters at his campaign headquarters in Quezon City: “We fought the good fight. Digong, I wish you success.”

He emphasized that it is not about him nor about anyone.

“It is about how we love our country, and how we all do all that we can for her. She’s the only one,” he said.

One of the factors why Duterte won the hearts of the Filipino people is because of his  law-and-order platform in which he pledged to suppress crime within six months once he assume the post.

The incoming president offered large bounties and promotion to policemen to go after and kill drug traffickers and criminals, if necessary.

According to an article published by Davao Today, Duterte announced he will compete with the price of the bounty that drug lords have allegedly offered in exchange for his life.

He said that if the drug lord places a P50 million bounty on his head, he will match it and offer P60 million bounty for the life of the drug lord.

“No questions ask. Pataasan kami ng presyo, eh di sige (Let’s see who can give the highest price). If they put up 100 million, I will give you 150 million, slaughter them, and I will be happy and I will give you a promotion on the spot,” he added.