Mark Zuckerberg unintentionally reveals how he protects his privacy

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared a photo of himself celebrating Instagram’s 500M monthly active users
  • The photo shows the camera and audio jack on Zuckerberg’s Macbook covered with pieces of tape
  • Such strategy is common among high-profile people with hacking threats

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently posted a picture of himself on his Facebook page to celebrate an Instagram milestone of reaching 500 million monthly active users. This innocent photo inadvertently revealed the tech giant’s low-tech solution to protecting his privacy — using strips of tape.

In the photo posted on June 21, Zuckerberg is sporting a wide smile, holding a life-sized Instagram frame that reads: ‘Thanks to everyone in our community for helping us reach this milestone!’

It was eagle-eyed Twitter user Chris Olson who first noticed that the post showed Zuckerberg is just as paranoid about his privacy as everyone else.

Image from Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page
Image from Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page

Looking closely, a strip of black masking tape can be spotted on the left side, where the mic jack is located, of Zuckerberg’s Macbook and a clear tape blocking the built-in webcam at the top.

“When I first saw the photo I quickly noticed tape covering the camera,” Olson told the Huffington Post. “I’ve actually seen this technique used a decent amount of times and knew it was used as the last line of defense for someone hacking your camera.”

The strategy is not uncommon, especially among high-profile people who may be targeted by hackers. FBI director James Comey recently admitted to covering his computer’s webcam; arguing that “absolute privacy” has never existed in America, as per an article published by The Guardian.

In 2014, a UK privacy watchdog issued a warning about a Russian website that streams live footage from unsecured webcams around the world.

Olson said he may be following Zuckerberg’s cost-effective way of privacy protection: “After seeing someone like Mark, who leads a world-class technology company, I might just run down the street and pick some up.”