Mayor Duterte look-alikes go viral on social media; checkered shirt now a fad

  • Davao City mayor-turned-president-of-the-Philippines Rodrigo Duterte is the most popular personality right now
  • His plaid/checkered shirt which he wore on the May 9 elections is now a fad
  • Look-alikes of ‘President’ Duterte is also taking the internet by storm
  • Even pan de sal, cakes, and coffee featured Duterte

MANILA, Philippines – Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte is no doubt the most popular personality right now. He’s found on every news, whether printed or televised, and is everywhere on social media.

And who can forget the day the tough-talking mayor of Davao City virtually claimed the presidential seat by a wide margin. The 6 million lead has undeniably secured him the highest position in the Philippine government.

But May 9 did not only mark Duterte as the 16th Chief Executive of the country but was also the day his plaid/checkered shirt became a fad to his supporters. Now everyone wants to wear plaid/checkered. Definitely Filipino, a News/Media website, dedicated an album on its Facebook page for those who want to submit their photos wearing the same plaid/checkered shirt as that of ‘President’ Duterte’s. It says:

Wear it like Duterte. Submit a photo of yourself wearing a plaid/checkered shirt similar to the favorite lucky shirt worn by DU30, and we will post it here. Please place a hashtag: #WEARITLIKEDUTERTE.

And if you think wearing the same plaid/checkered shirt is what the whole Duterte fever is all about, think again. SAKSI featured some ordinary people with the spitting image of the mayor, and they are totally entertaining people. Trust Pinoys to inject humor anytime, anywhere. Also highlighted after the undeniable win of the mayor are all-things-Duterte like Duterte cakes, pan de Duterte, and a coffee art with Duterte’s face.

Moreover, be ready to meet DU20, the younger version of DU30, and the closest copy of the newest President of the Philippines who looks so much like the mayor that even Sebastian, Mayor Duterte’s youngest son, paid his respect to the guy.

Watch Saksi featuring Duterte look-alikes below: