‘Meet Lolo Pops’: Pampanga’s candy man with a lot of sweets and love to give

  • Angelito Genuino, or Lolo Pops, is a 78-year-old lollipop vendor in the streets of Angeles and San Fernando, Pampanga
  • The septuagenarian man sells sweets as a living to support his wife Pacita, who happened to be paralyzed and half-blind
  • Lolo Pops’ happy disposition in life and his love for his wife are what keeps him going

ANGELES CITY, Pampanga – When we see an elderly, in his 70’s, working inspite of his age, we feel remorseful, thinking he should be at home relaxing and not carrying a boxfull of merchandise that he has to sell.

But for Angelito Genuino, or ‘Lolo Pops’ to the many patrons of his sweet lollipops, working for his family, especially for the ‘love of his life’, Lola Pacita’s, needs, is what keeps him going.

Lolo Pops, who hails from Pampanga, is a 78-year-old man who sells colorful and ‘delicious’ lollipops in the streets of Angeles and San Fernando, Pampanga.

His motivation to work is to support his wife, Lola Pacita, who is paralyzed and half-blind. The two have been together for 37 years. According to ABS-CBN News, their relationship, which started in 1979, was what separated him from his first marriage. But he never had regrets, though. And his only concern is to stay strong to be there for his wife.

“Umaano ako, na ako, dagdagan pa ‘yung aking lakas, para kung ako magkakaroon ng diperensiya, kawawa naman si Mahal ko, ang asawa ko.”

[I hope for more strength and good health. I worry about my wife once I’m gone.]

Lolo Pops started selling merchandise at an early age. When he was in college taking up accountancy, he quit studying as working, which earned him money, became his priority. He believed back then that he was on the right track, thinking he was better off making money than studying. But he later realized he had made a wrong decision. He said:

“Para bang nadaig ‘yung aking pag-aaral sa paghahanapbuhay ko. Parang, ‘Aba, masarap, may kita na ako. Maganda ‘yung kita ko kahit papano.’ ‘Yun pala, hindi pala ayos.”

[I used to think doing business was better than going to college. But I realized I made the wrong choice.]

But because he’s had experienced selling since his younger years, Lolo Pops knows how to positively deal with every kind of customers – some of whom has become his friends – giving him food or buying his lollipops.

It is kind of inspiring to hear stories about diligence, sacrifice, and love. Lolo Pops is a true definition of hard work, positive thinking, and real love. When you see him in the streets of Pampanga, please  spread the love; smile at the old man, and buy a few sweets from him. And for those who want to extend more help to Lolo Pops, contact https://www.facebook.com/MukhaTV about Lolo Pops.