Miss Philippines-Earth 2016 claims to be a victim of pageant bullying

  • Miss Philippines-Earth 2016 Imelda Schweighart said she was bullied by other pageant contestants
  • She claimed she was bullied for being the front-runner in the pre-pageant competition
  • She will be competing at the 2016 Miss Earth pageant in S. Korea this October

Newly crowned Miss Philippines-Earth 2016 Imelda Schweighart revealed that she was bullied by fellow contestants in the recently concluded Miss Philippines-Earth pageant which was held at the University of the Philippines Theater in Quezon City on June 11.

“I’m a victim of pageant bullying. There were vicious women in the pageant. Everybody hated me,” Schweighart said in an interview with Armin Adina of Inquirer.

“I lost my pageant heels, foundation and my only eye-shadow palette. Someone got those before coronation night. The heels are essential because they improve my height. I’m surprised they went missing because I’m a very organized person. They were stolen, and my fellow candidates didn’t help,” she added.

The 21-year-old stunner from Palawan said the most challenging part of the pageant happened offstage where the other contestants would bully her because she was the front-runner during the pre-pageant competition.

She also became ill after one of the contestants made her drink a certain type of oil before an important part of the competition, as per an article published by Push.

 “She told me it’s a brain booster. I won’t name names, but I trusted the girl who gave it to me, so I took it before I entered the room. But it made my sinuses act up and gave me a sore throat. I still felt sick until coronation night,” she recalled.

“Those bullies were psyching me, to weaken me. But I didn’t give in. I had to kill the demons and survive,” she said.

Schweighart found solace from her pageant mentors and former Miss Earth winners Jamie Herell and Angelia Ong, who also experienced the same kind of bullying while competing in a pageant.

 “I hope you find yourselves in a place where you can be healed from the past hurt. Find forgiveness and peace,” she told her haters.

Schweighart will be representing the Philippines in this year’s Miss Earth pageant to be held in S. Korea this October.