No police general found involved in illegal drugs trade, so far, says PNP spokesman

• The PNP spokesman said no police general has been found to be involved in drugs, so far
• Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte and incoming PNP head C/Supt. Ronald Dela Rosa claimed that, based on information, high-ranking police officers are involved in drugs
• Duterte demanded the resignation of 3 police generals before he formally assumes the presidency on June 30

The Philippine National Police (PNP) said no active high-ranking police official has yet been found to have links in illegal drugs trade, contrary to earlier statements made by incoming PNP head Chief Superintendent Ronald Dela Rosa and President-elect Rodrigo Duterte.

Chief Superintendent Wilben Mayor, the PNP spokesman, said “internal cleansing” is a continuing process in the PNP to weed out undesirable members of the police force, but no active police general has yet been found to be involved in illegal drugs.

“A big part of our strategy against illegal drugs addresses the involvement of PNP personnel in drugs thru `internal cleansing.’ It’s a work in progress but no active generals have been identified to have been involved, so far,” Mayor said.

Mayor said he is supporting Duterte’s efforts to cleanse the PNP of scalawags.

“Policemen involved in criminal activities have no place in our organization. We will work hand in hand with the incoming administration to strengthen and enhance this policy and ensure that those involved will be prosecuted and separated from service,” he said.

Incoming PNP Chief Dela Rosa claimed to have in his possession a list of ranking police officials who are involved in the narcotics trade. As mentioned in Raymond Africa’s article for Malaya that was published on June 6, 2016, Dela Rosa said that based on intelligence information, several police generals and junior officers are on the take from illegal drugs syndicates. However, he did not name names.

In February, during the election campaign period, incoming President Duterte said he knows of three police generals involved in illegal drugs trade. And on Saturday, June 4, during the thanksgiving party in Davao City for his election victory, Duterte demanded the resignation of three police generals who are based in PNP Headquarters in Camp Crame. He also did not name the officials.

“Tatlong general diyan sa Crame [Three generals in Crame] should resign. Do not wait for me to name you in public because I will only humiliate you,” He said before hundreds of thousands of supporters who attended the thanksgiving party.

It is unclear if the 3 police generals he mentioned during the campaign period are the same police generals whose resignation he demanded last Saturday.