Not an accident: Video shows city police chief deliberately using subordinate for target practice

  • Facebook user uploaded video of police chief using his subordinate as target practice in a firing range
  • He said it belied earlier reports that the subordinate was shot while he was fixing targets
  • He accused provincial police command of covering up the probe, is asking for a fair investigation

NEGROS OCCIDENTAL – There was no accidental firing.

On Facebook, a certain “Jun Ledesma” uploaded a video showing Victorias City police chief Supt. Frederick Mead using his subordinate Police Officer 1 Marvin Gustilo as a target practice in an undisclosed firing range.

In the video which he shared on Police Digest sa FB, Gustilo can be seen holding a balloon between his legs as he stands outstretched in the target area while Mead (who is not seen in the video) fires at him with an assault rifle.

Seconds later, Gustilo can be seen falling to the ground crying in pain after Mead fails to hit the balloon and instead shot him in the leg.

According to Ledesma, the video belies the earlier reports of Mead’s firearm accidentally discharging and hitting Gustilo as he was fixing target boards.

The Sun Star earlier reported that Mead accidentally shot Gustilo “when the latter’s service firearm that he was holding went off and hit Gustilo, who was fixing targets during their firearm proficiency training.”

What hurts even more, he said, was that the Negros Occidental Provincial Police Office (NOPPO) is trying to cover up the shooting as an accident. He added Mead, who was relieved from his post, has been even allowed to re-assume it.

Describing the incident as a “clear grave abuse of authority”, Ledesma said he wants a fair investigation if only to protect the lower-ranked policemen who are being abused by their superiors.

“It’s a clear grave abuse of authority,” he said. “Let’s hope the truth comes out, it’s pitiful what happens to those in the lower ranks.”